Julia Kierul

Yumi has an amazing gift of designing unique, ‘one of a kind’ dresses. You can’t miss her impeccable stone work. My daughter who is an international competitor was constantly praised on her beautiful dresses. Yumi’s design truly stands out among the others. Thanks to Yumi, my daughter could shine brighter on the ice.

Gabbie Izzo.jpg

Gabbie Izzo

I have been working with Yumi for about 3 seasons now and I could not be more impressed or elated with her work and her whole creative process!

From the very beginning sketches to the first fitting, the attention to detail is out of this world. The colors she creates and the designs she imagines are unlike anything else, she is a true artist with a keen eye for flair and elegance.

I know that every stitch is infused with love and good luck wishes and every time I put on these dresses to go and compete, there is a sense of ease that comes with them because I know that Yumi and her team are supporting me 100%!

I cannot imagine my skating career being so bedazzled and wonder-filled with any dressmaker, nor do I want to!

Yumi is truly a mastermind at what she does.


Megan Wessenberg

Yumi has been making my dresses for the past 8 years and she always creates a product more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. She uses her talent to produce costumes that meet both the artistic and athletic demands of the sport. Her unique designs and custom colors allow me to fully express my own personality out on the ice. Equally important, her dresses are flexible and always fit me perfectly. This gives me the range of motion and comfort necessary to perform my technical skills in competition the same way that I do in practice. Yumi’s unwavering work ethic and collaborative approach always results in a dress that I absolutely love and feel confident wearing every time I step on the ice. 


Beth-Ann Duxbury

Yumi is one of the most creative designers I have had the pleasure to work with! As a professional performer with Disney One Ice, I have been so fortunate to work with so many incredible designers in the business!
When I left Disney I started choreographing for amateur skaters. Finding a costume designer like Yumi was like being in NY working with a couture designer!!

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